Since 1972


Founded in 1972, DERCOSA was created with the intention of generating value with the by-products of the meat and leather industry. It was originally intended to be a collagen processing plant for the cosmetic industry, but the already established know-how in leather production of its founding group tipped the scale towards making it a split suede manufacturer. Over 40 years later, DERCOSA is an established and significant bovine split suede specialist with respectable international clientele and a vast product range.

Our mission is to help our customers gain a competitive advantage in their markets by providing a personalised service and timely delivery of the highest quality split leather.

Please see our corporate social reponsability policy.


DERCOSA understands that quality is determined by the suitability of the product, prompt and reliable service and competitive pricing. We strive to achieve this through the following:

  • Full commitment by our entire staff to satisfy and exceed our customer’s expectations
  • Flexibility to adapt to customer and market requirements.
  • Training and motivating our staff to ensure a safe, happy and constructive atmosphere where they can achieve their full potential.


DERCOSA is conscious of the growing problems our environment is afflicted with and thus is committed to a solid environmentally friendly operation. Through careful and responsible usage of natural resources and an understanding of the most current requirements to protect the environment, DERCOSA has developed a positive and committed environmental management policy which minimises the environmental impacts of our activities.

Our environmental management policy ensures:

  • DERCOSA complies with all relevant environmental norms at a European, national and local level.
  • Systematic reduction of waste, recycling, re-using, as well as optimising the consumption of natural resources, raw material and energy.
  • Conscious understanding of the importance of our environmental policy by our employees, suppliers and customers.