Dercosa is a Valencian company founded 50 years ago and specialised in the production of suede made on bovine splits. In collaboration with a local NGO, “Proyectos Extraordinarios”, Dercosa launched this initiative for the dual purposes of supporting local women in the community and repurposing surplus material to give it a second life. In short, to create a circular economy to use 100% recycled products by design.

Proyectos Extraordinarios is an initiative of the socio-economic development programs of Formación Senegal, which oversees 3 workshops in Senegal and 1 in Valencia. They support women with difficulties in accessing the labor market to be trained in stitching, so they have relevant skills for gainful employment.

Pablo Rios, CEO of Dercosa, comments: “it is always comforting and exciting to have the opportunity to collaborate in projects that improve vulnerable people lives. If we can also transform our waste or by-products into products designed from waste at the outset, we take another step towards the sustainability of our planet. It is “win-win project” for all of us – let there be no doubts.”

A triple impact project: Antonio Zamorano, CEO of Proyectos Extraordinarios, shares that “combining environmental, social and economic benefits ensures this project makes a triple impact on society – furthermore, manufacturing well designed products with such exceptional quality leather is a great challenge and we must act very responsibly to make the most of the opportunity for Proyectos Extraordinarios“.

Dercosa’s very existence is based on circular economy: all leather splits we work come from bovine hides which are by-product of meat and milk – in essence human consumption. If tanneries did not convert these hides to a sustainable material such as leather, our societies would have incalculable pollution problems – all manner of incineration or other means of disposal create a negative impact to the environment.

The promotion of a circular economy is a foundation of Dercosa’s Corporate Social Responsibility policy and its environmental commitment.

We have always been concerned about giving added value to our by-products, it is not a new trend for us. We have often provided leather shavings in the early stages of our production process, and we now have the opportunity to give a second life to finished leather scraps thanks to this project.

We provide and transport the scraps free of charge as well as helping to subsidize the purchase of industrial stitching machines, ensuring our experts are involved in the design process which will result in a range of high quality recycled products such as wallets, key rings, bag handles and mobile phone cases among others…